Window Cleaning

Professional Window Cleaning

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Get your windows professionally cleaned. Clean and clear windows will do miracles for your home or business. When it comes to window cleaning in Portland, Oregon, you can trust our team of professionals at Action Northwest.

Our professional cleaners will make your windows squeaky clean, from front rooms and showrooms to skylights and storefronts. We clean regular windows, storm windows and divided light windows. We also clean chandeliers, mirrors, ceiling fans and other hard to reach places.

Clean Windows, Clear Quality with DOUBLE CLEANING

Our service sets us apart! Our window cleaning professionals will make your windows sparkle and fill your home or business with sunlight that will brighten your day. With every cleaning, your professional window cleaner will:


  • Soaping and sponging of the entire window
  • Pre-clean with a 6-inch razor blade
  • Re-soaping and sponging of the entire window
  • Cleaning with a traditional squeegee
  • Touching up any spots or streaks with a lint-free cloth to make it sparkle!

On Inside:

  • Wear booties
  • Wipe window tracks
  • Use drop cloths where needed
  • Perform DOUBLE CLEANING of interior windows
  • Wipe inside sills

On Outside:

  • Remove and dust screens
  • Perform DOUBLE CLEANING of exterior windows
  • Wipe outside sills
  • Be careful not to disturb the landscaping
You can’t go wrong when you hire a licensed, bonded and insured cleaning company. Doing things right is our way of doing business and we stick to our promise of quality, reliable, and affordable service.